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A common scenario: You place an Ad on Facebook, people click on the Ad and jump to your website, and they will see a form that is only visible to them. Source can help you achieve this requirement.

Source is divided into 2 types:Common source and Custom source.

  • Common source: the source commonly used, you don't need to input the URL, just select the checkbox.

  • Custom source: if the common source does not contain the source you need to define, you can add the source yourself.

The following common sources are supported:

  • Direct visit to store. People enter the URL of your website in their browser and visit your website directly.

  • Google Ads. People click on your Google Ads to visit your website.

  • Google Search. People search for your website on Google and click on the search result to visit your website.

  • Facebook. People click on your Facebook Ads to visit your website.

Custom source: a person visits page A outside your website, and there is a link to your website on the page. The person clicks on this link and visits your website. Page A is the source page of this visit.

You can define multiple Common sources and Custom sources, people will see the form if their source matches any of the sources you define.

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