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A/B testing
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Why you need A/B testing

Any marketer wants to understand how different variations in the automation sequence can help to gain a better result. The metric can vary from the open or click rate to the number of sales the workflow reports. A/B testing can help you to find the better result.

Set it up

To add the A/B test to the workflow, simply drag the A/B test block to the sequence.

A/B testing block has the following properties:

  • only two paths can be added to the block settings, but you can split the Split;

  • all of the blocks, except for the Conditional Split, can be added to the A/B testing paths. You can add another A/B test block to one of the workflow paths.

In the block settings, you will need to specify the percentage of the customers passing through the A and B path of the workflow.

The default value is set to 50/50, but you can change it to any other fraction. In case the goal of the automation is to test different instances, a 50 to 50 ratio is the best. However, if you want to distribute the discount in a random manner, it might be a good decision to change the value to a smaller fraction, for example, 30 to 70 or vise versa.

Result of the test

After starting Automation, if enough customers have entered the workflow, you need to decide which path is better based on statistical data analysis.

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