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Paid plan
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The uShopAid app plans are divided into paid plan and free plan, this article will explain the rules of the paid plan.

Plan billing cycle

The paid plan has a billing cycle every 30 days, which means that you need to pay for uShopAid every 30 days.

Plan function

uShopAid has many paid plans. Each paid plan can use all the functions in the uShopAid app. The difference is that different paid plans support different numbers of contacts and emails that can be sent.

  • Number of contacts. It includes the contacts whose email subscription status is Subscribed and Non-subscribed in your contact list, but does not include Unsubscribed contacts. If the plan you purchased supports 501~1000 contacts, you can only send emails to a maximum of 1000 contacts in each billing cycle. If your contact list has 1200 contacts (excluding email unsubscribed), 200 of them cannot receive your mails.

  • The number of emails that can be sent. The maximum number of emails you can send per billing cycle.

If you need send more emails to more contacts, you have to upgrade your paid plan.

After a new billing cycle begins, the number of contacts sent and the number of emails sent both start from 0.

Plan price

The plan price of the uShopAid app is charged through the Shopify platform, so you do not need set your payment channel in the uShopAid app.

The price does not include taxes, additional taxes may apply in your region, and need to be paid together with plan price.

Upgrade plan

If you need to send emails to more contacts, or if you need to send more emails, you need to upgrade the paid plan. You can upgrade the paid plan at any time. After upgrading the paid plan, the change will take effect immediately.

Suppose your current plan is $20, and you upgrade to the $30 plan on the 15th day of the current billing cycle, then you need pay the difference in the current billing cycle: ($30 - $20) * ((30 - 15) / 30) = $5

Downgrade plan

After downgrading a paid plan, you will be charged for the new plan from the following billing cycle.


If you want to unsubscribe from the uShopAid app, you need to uninstall the uShopAid app, and you will not be charged for the following plan cycle.

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