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Guide to email template editor
Guide to email template editor
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How to create a mail using the mail editor

In email marketing, email is the primary channel of communication with your audience; therefore, emails must have a compelling look, design, and reflect your brand's style.

We provide you with a variety of beautiful templates to help you quickly create emails. Don't worry if the template's design isn't to your liking. With our email editor, you can create attractive emails and manage effective email marketing campaigns.

Setup process

To create an email, navigate to Campaign β†’ +New Campaigns β†’ Fill out your profile β†’ Choose a template. We offer a variety of email templates to suit your needs.

This will take you to the next step where you can edit the content of the message in the editor and adjust it to fit your website and branding style.

The main functions of the mail editor are Blocks, Layouts and Email Setting settings.

Email Setting

After selecting the template you want to use, Mail Settings allows you to customize the default design settings for mail size, background color, fonts, buttons.

Email settings allow you to:

  • Change the width of emails to fit PC and mobile devices. The default width of PC is 600 pixels (range is 300-2000 pixels), and the default width of mobile phone is 100% (range is 30%~100%);

  • Change the default background color, default content background color, and default font.

Button settings allow you to define and style up to three buttons.


Layout is the backbone of your email and it should be added as the first thing. Items should be dragged to the email content within the layout. You can also choose from all the different types of layouts you want. Drag them to where you want to add them. After adding a specific layout, you can start adding blocks directly to it.

You can set the column spacing of the layout in the Properties on the right, set the background color, inner spacing, outer spacing and set the device visible in the Layout.


In the Blocks column on the left side, you will be able to choose to drag and drop specific content items into the form. You can set information such as background color, inner spacing, outer spacing, and setting device visibility in the right Layout of each block.

You will be able to add Text, Button, Image, Divider, Discount, Product, Social links, Header/Link bar, Menu, Footer, Logo, Ordered Products, Order detail, Billing & Shipping, Abandoned Products, Order Total and more to complete your email.

You will be able to remove or add personalized labels using the controls on the right when the block is selected.


Add any text you want to the content of the message. To edit the style formatting of the text in a specific block, select the section you want to update. The right menu allows you to edit text style, font, size, line height, alignment and font color.

Select the option to the right of the text to add a personalized label to your text.


Open the Blocks menu and drag and drop the Button into your email content. You can adjust text, button styles, alignment, min-width and URL in Properties. Don't forget that you can define button style in Button in Theme settings of Email Setting.


You can choose to upload images locally using JPG, JPEG, PNG and GIF formats or image URL. You can adjust the image size, rounded corners and alignment, and you can add URL that click on the Image.

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