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Create uShopAid account
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There are two ways to access uShopAid, one is to log in to Shopify and access uShopAid in the Shopify backstage. The other is to create a uShopAid account, which can directly access uShopAid in the browser. It is recommended that you create a uShopAid account, so that it is more convenient to access uShopAid. This article will explain how to create a uShopAid account.

It is possible to create a uShopAid account whether it is the free version or the paid version.

Create an account

Enter the uShopAid URL in your browser: If you have not created a uShopAid account or are not logged in, you will see the following page.

Since you do not have a uShopAid account at this time, please click "Let's get started" to create an account. You will see the following page for creating an account.

Creating a uShopAid account is not a hassle, you only need to set an account and password.

Enter your email as your account, please make sure this is the email you use frequently, because if you encounter any problems during the process of using uShopAid , uShopAid will contact you through this email.

After entering the account and password, please click "Create Free Account", uShopAid will immediately send a confirmation email to the email you entered, please check it in your inbox. If you cannot find the email in your inbox, you can click "try sending again" , uShopAid will send a confirmation email again.

The content of the email you received is as follows. After clicking the confirmation link, your uShopAid account has been created successfully.

Associate Store

After you create an account in uShopAid, you also need to associate your account with your store, so that uShopAid can obtain permission to read your store data and you can use uShopAid normally.

It's easy to associate stores. After you log in to uShopAid, the system will remind you to associate the store.

Please click "Connect your shopify store", and then the Shopify login page will open. After entering your Shopify account and password to log in to Shopify, the connection between the uShopAid account and your Shopify store is completed.

Account associated with multiple stores

Your uShopAid account may have multiple associated stores. In this case, every time you log in to uShopAid, you need to choose which Shopify store to log in to, and you must select the store before you can use uShopAid normally.

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