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How to paste embed code on site
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If you create an embed form, you need to insert embed code into your website pages. This article will explain how to insert embed code.

  1. Copy the embed code of the form.

  2. Navigate to your Shopify admin.

  3. Navigate to Online Store > Themes.

  4. Select the current theme, and click Customize.

  5. Confirm that the uShopAid plugin is in the activated state.

  6. Click Add section -> Custom liquid.

  7. Paste the embed code, and click Save.

    Note: After saving, you won't be able to preview within the theme editor, nor will it automatically redirect to the embedded code page. You'll need to browse the page where the code is embedded to view it.

  8. Quick tip! Experiment with section placement until you put it where you like.

    Embedded code can only be installed for the current store; it cannot be shared across multiple stores owned by the same user.

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