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How to show the form only to visitors who haven't subscribed
How to show the form only to visitors who haven't subscribed
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How to tell if a visitor has subscribed

In the following two cases, a visitor will be considered as not subscribed.

  • The visitor has never logged into your website in the current browser.

  • The visitor used to log into your website at least once in the current browser, and the email account he used to log in does not exist in your audience list in uShopAid.

Note: Your audience list in uShopAid includes all the customers in Shopify admin.

How to set it up

When you set behavior, don't forget the set Who should see the form, as follows.

Click to add Subscriber / Non-subscribers, as follows.

Select "Visitors who are already in uShopAid profiles will not see the form".

However, if you have understood how we determine whether a visitor has subscribed, you will know that this setting does not guarantee that all subscribers will not see the form (if a subscriber has never logged into your store in current browser). Therefore, you are suggested do a little more: In the editor, select the Email input and turn on the switch "block existing subscribers". In this case, even if a subscriber see the form and enter his email, he will be reminded that he is not allowed to participate in the form.

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