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What is trigger

When you create a form, you need to consider this question: When consumers visit your store, at what time they should see the form? Show the form immediately when they visit your store? Show the form when they are about to leave your store? or other? This is what Trigger does.

You need to set up triggers that will be triggered to show the form after consumers perform specified actions in your store.

Supported triggers

Following triggers are supported:

After X seconds on the page

Customer visits the current page, and after X seconds, the form will display. Please note that it is X seconds after visiting the current page, not the entire website.

On exit-intent

When a customer is about to leave your store, the form will display.

On PC, when the mouse slides into the area makred by the redbox, we judge that the customer will leave your store.

On mobile devices, when a customer changes the focus while switching between tabs, uses the Back button of their browser, or uses the Back button on the mobile device, we judge that he will leave your store.

After X percent scrolling

On any page in your store, if a customer browses X percent of the content on this page, the form will be displayed.

After X seconds of inactivity

On any page in your store, if a customer doesn't click or doesn't scroll for at least X seconds, the form will be displayed.

After X pages visited

A customer visits your store and browses X pages, the form will be displayed.

After X clicks on current page

On any page in your store, if a customer clicks X times on the current page, the form will be displayed.

How to set triggers

  1. On the behavior setting page, click on the button Add new trigger.

  2. Select any trigger you want to add.

What if you set 2 or more triggers

You need to add at least one trigger for the form. If you add 2 or more triggers, the form will be displayed if anyone is triggered.

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