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What is survey

The Survey element can help you complete many surveys you want, as shown in the template below.

How to set it up

  1. Click on the Add elements on the left and drag the Survey element into the workspace. Drag the Survey element to any postion you want.

  2. Enter a topic for this Survey. For example: How did you hear about us?

  3. Set options of this Survey.

  4. The options act as buttons, and you can set an on-click action for them.

    You can set the following On Click actions:

    1)Next page. This action will guide your visitors to the next page of the Form.

    2) Specific page. This action will guide your visitors to a specific page of the Form.

    3) Go to URL. With this action, you can redirect your visitors to any URL.

    4) Close. This action will close the Form for the visitor.

View the survey result

If you click "View Analytics" button in the Form list, you can view the Survey result.

You can also check the answers one-by-one under ‘Collected-data’:

In the Profile page, you can also view Survey results from other campaigns:

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