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Trigger / Trigger filters / Audience filters
Trigger / Trigger filters / Audience filters
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What is Trigger

A Workflow must have one trigger, and there can only be one. The trigger must be the first step of the workflow. Customers must qualify for the Trigger before they can enter the workflow. The following triggers are supported.

What is Trigger filters

After the customer's operation triggers the Trigger, you may want to filter the customers so that only customers who meet the filtering conditions can enter the workflow. For example, if a customer adds items to the cart, and you want the cart amount to be at least $50 to enter the workflow, then you need to set a trigger filter as follows.

Triggers filters are based on Triggers, and different triggers support different trigger filters.

Trigger filters are not required. If you set Trigger filters, customers will enter the workflow only if they meet both Trigger and Trigger filters.

Trigger filters will only check once after the customer qualifies for the Trigger. After the customer enters the workflow, they will not be checked by Trigger filters again.

What is Audience filters

After a customer enters the workflow, he or she may continue to perform some other operations in your store, resulting in a situation that does not meet the requirements of the workflow. For example, if a customer adds the items to the shopping cart and does not place an order, he will enter the workflow, then the customer places an order before the workflow sends the email. In this case, there is no need to send an email to the customer and the customer needs to be removed from the workflow, You can set the audience filters as follows.

Therefore, you need to set up audience filters. Customers who do not meet the audience filter will be removed from the workflow in time.

Difference between Trigger filters and Audience filters

The differences between Audience filter and Trigger filter are as follows:

  • Trigger filters are only checked once when the customer triggers the trigger, and will not be rechecked in the workflow.

  • The Audience filter will be checked once when the customer triggers the trigger and will be rechecked before each email step.

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