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Send welcome emails to new email subscribers
Send welcome emails to new email subscribers
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Why need to send a welcome email

After a person subscribes via your form, you are suggested to immediately send a welcome email to him. This is the most important start for you to gain the person's trust. In this email, you can introduce your brand, tell the possible content that you may send in future emails, and how often you will send emails.

If you tell persons in the form that a discount code will be sent by email, then you need to include a discount code in the welcome email.

How to send a welcome email

When you create a form to collect email subscribers, you will see the following step when the form is created successfully. This step reminds you to create an automation to send welcome emails to the new email subscribers.

You can click on the button Add automated Welcome email to start. If you click on the button Setup later, when you want to set up, you can click on Add automated Welcome email in form list as follows.

Click on Add automated Welcome email, and you will get to the welcome workflow setting page as follows.

Click on the button Edit Email Content.

If you want to insert a discount code in the email, please refer to the article How to send discount code to a subscriber.

If the email content is OK, click on the button Finish editing.

Then click on the button Save and Start Automation as follows.

You can see that the welcome email automation is created successfully in the automation campaign list. Now, when a person subscribes via the form, a welcome email will be sent to him automatically.

If you want to learn more about automation, please refer to the article Quick understanding of automation.

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