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After a person fills in the email in your Form campaign and becomes a subscriber, you are highly suggested to immediately email the person. You can offer a discount code or introduce your store in this email.

Pre-defined welcome email workflows

uShopAid offers several pre-defined welcome email workflows, you can select any of them according to your needs.

  1. A discount code is included in the email, and each receiver will get a different code.

  2. A discount code is included in the email, and all receivers will get the same code.

  3. Send an email to welcome new subscribers, no discount code in the email.

  4. Send a series of 3 emails to build loyalty.

Of course, you can click on the Start From Scratch button to build your workflow to send welcome emails.


The trigger must be Signup. If you want to send emails to subscribers from a specific form campaign, please select the form campaign in the Trigger Filter, else all the subscribers from uShopAid forms will receive the emails.

You can create multiple welcome workflows to send different emails to subscribers from different form campaigns.

You are suggested to keep Audience Filter and Freenqucy default settings.

Edit email content

You need to click on the button Edit Email Content to confirm the content of each email in the workflow and modify it according to your needs.

If you want to send a different discount code to each receiver in email, you are suggested to do this:

  1. Don't display discount code on the Thank You page of the form campaign.

  2. Add a Discount Code element in the email and set the discount rules.

Note: If you have displayed the discount code on the thank you page of the form, and you want to display the same discount code in the welcome email, you can only do this:
1. The discount type of the discount code you displayed in the form should be a fixed code.
2. Copy the discount code you displayed in the form and paste it in the welcome email.

You can only do this, or the subscriber may receive 2 different discount codes.

Start the automation

After you have checked each email's content and the workflow settings, please click on the button Save and Start Automation, and your subscribers will be able to receive the emails.

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