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Predefined workflows
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uShopAid provides some workflow templates that are commonly used by merchants. This article describes these templates and how to use them.

Workflow templates classification

when you create an automation campaign, you can choose to use the workflow template provided by uShopAid or create a completely custom one yourself.

The workflow templates provided by uShopAid are divided into the following categories.


After visitors become email subscribers of your store, send welcome emails to them.

Abandoned checkout

After the customer places an order in your store, if the payment is not completed, an email will be sent to the customer to remind them.

Abandoned cart

The customer adds items to the shopping cart and leaves your store without starting a checkout, sending emails to remind.

Viewed product abandonment

The customer browses the products in your store, if he does not place an order and leaves your store, send an email to remind him.

Post-purchase followup

The customer places an order in your store, and after some time, sends an email to him to ask about the shopping experience.

Customer reactivation

If the customer has not placed an order in your store for a long time, send an email to him to introduce new products.


When the customer's birthday comes, send a birthday greeting email to him.


Send confirmation emails to customers at certain specific times of the order, such as when the consumer places an order, the product has been shipped, and the customer cancels the order.

How to use workflow templates

If you want to use one of the default workflow templates, click on the button "Get Started" to begin, you need to check the steps and email content in the workflow.

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