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User roles
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A store can add multiple sub-accounts in the uShopAid app, each account has its own role, and different roles have different operation permissions. This article will detail what each character can and cannot do within the uShopAid app.

Role Permissions

The roles of uShopAid application are Owner, Admin, Manager, Analyst, Campaign Coordinator, Content Creator. Each account must have a role. The first account to purchase and log in to the uShopAid app will be the character Owner by default. A store can only have one account on uShopAid, the character is Owner, and other characters can each have multiple accounts. After the Owner logs in to uShopAid, he can transfer the Owner role to other sub-accounts.

When adding sub-accounts, you must select a role for each sub-account. Owner can modify the role of each sub-account, and Admin can modify the roles of all sub-accounts except Owner and Admin.

The permissions of each role are shown in the figure below.

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