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Sender emails setting
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Before you send emails in the uShopAid app, you can set the default sender name and email address on the account setting page, you don't have to type the sender name and email address each time you send emails.

Please Navigate to Account -> Settings -> Sender Email Address.

Default sender name

If you set the default sender name here, all the emails you send in the uShopAid app will use this as the sender name. Of course, you can edit it at any time.

Send emails with the public domain

By default, all the stores in the uShopAid app will send emails from the email address [email protected].

You are not suggested to send emails with the public domain, as the receivers will see that the email is sent from [email protected], they may refuse to open the email, even put it into the spam folder. So we suggest you send emails with the dedicated domain.

Send emails with the dedicated domain

Click on the button Add sender email address to add your dedicated domain. Please refer to the article dedicated domains.

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