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Dedicated domains
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What is the domain name

The string after the email @ is the domain name. For example, if the email address is [email protected], then "" is the domain name.

What is the public domain name

When you send emails in the uShopAid app, the sender email address is [email protected] by default. We call as the public domain name. By default, all the stores in the uShopAid app will send emails to their customers with the email address [email protected].

If you want to send emails with the public domain name, you need to do no more, this is the default settings in the uShopAid app.

What is the dedicated domain name

We suggest you send emails with your email address, for example, [email protected]. We call as the dedicated domain name.

In the uShopAid app, the dedicated domain name you added can only be used by your store.

How to add a dedicated domain

If you want to send emails with your dedicated domain name, you need to add your dedicated domain name first.

Before you add a dedicated domain name, you need to make sure that you already have applied your domain in DNS, such as Go Daddy, or Google Domains.

  1. Click on your account on the top right corner in the uShopAid app.

  2. Navigate to Settings -> Sender domains, click on the button Add domain.

  3. Enter your domain name. For example Then click on the button Save.

  4. You will see this. Please log in to your DNS service provider website and fill in the DNS records generated in the uShopAid as follows.

    After filling in the DNS records on your DNS service provider website, click on the button Verify Records to continue.

  5. If you have filled in the DNS service provider website without errors, the domain name will be added successfully as follows.

  6. Navigate to Sender Email Address, click on the button Add sender email address.

  7. Enter your email address.

    You will see that your dedicated email address has been added successfully.

  8. You can use your dedicated email address in the uShopAid app now. For example, when you create an automation, you can find your dedicated email address as follows.

Comparison between public domain and dedicated domain

The dedicated domain has 2 advantages over the public domain.

  1. All stores without a dedicated domain will use the public domain to send emails, the reputation value of the public domain is easily affected by each other. If the reputation value of the public domain is poor, the email is easy to be put into the spam folder by Emai Service Provider, or unsubscribed by the receiver. Of course, the uShopAid app has a complete strategy to ensure that the reputation value of the public domain is affected as little as possible.

    If you use your dedicated domain to send emails, the reputation value of the dedicated domain name is only related to the quality of the emails sent by your store, and will not be affected by other stores.

  2. If you use the public domain to send emails, assume that your sender name is ingzan, the sender information in the receiver's inbox is "ingzan<[email protected] >". This is inconsistent with your brand name and the receiver may think it is a spam email.

The dedicated domain has 1 disadvantage over the public domain:

You need to cultivate the reputation of the dedicated domain, and you cannot send emails in large quantities at the beginning, otherwise, the emails will easily be put into the spam folder by the Email Service Provider. It usually takes about a month to build credibility, and this period may affect your normal email marketing.

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