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Sender domain's reputation
Sender domain's reputation
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Sender domain refers to the string after @, assuming your email is [email protected], then "mydomain" is your sender domain. Sender domain has a reputation value, if the reputation is very poor, then your mails may be sent to the recipient's spam folder by the mail service provider, or it may fail to be sent.

Maintain sender domain's reputation

If you send recipients bad content that makes them reluctant to open your email, or even mark it as spam, these can reduce your reputation. So, do your best to send only the content that interests them at the right time to recipients who are willing to receive your email.

Shared domain

uShopAid supports shared domain and dedicated domain.

If you do not have a dedicated domain, you can only use the shared domain provided by uShopAid to send emails. This shared domain is "". Many uShopAid users use this domain to send emails, and their behaviors jointly determine The reputation of the shared domain, if some users send some bad emails, it does affect the reputation of the shared domain. Although uShopAid applies strict policies to maintain a good reputation, if you want your domain reputation not to be affected by other users, you can create a dedicated domain.

Dedicated domain

After creating a dedicated domain, only you will use this domain to send emails, the reputation of this domain will not be affected by other users of uShopAid, and you maintain the domain reputation value yourself.

It is recommended that your domain and brand be the same. For example, your brand is "Novfity", you can apply for a "novfity" domain, and set up a dedicated domain "novfity" in uShopAid. After the setting is successful, you can use the "novfity" domain to send emails, such as "[email protected]".

Dedicated domains have the following benefits:

1. The reputation of the domain will not be affected by other users and is completely maintained by you.

2. Because your dedicated domain is consistent with your brand, consumers are more trustworthy and more willing to open emails after receiving them.

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