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Confirm subscription: double-opt-in
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Why need to enable double opt-in

You create a form to collect email subscribers, persons visit your store, input their email after seeing the form, and immediately become email subscribers of your store. This is the usual practice. But there is a flaw: after the subscribers receive your marketing emails, it is easier to unsubscribe, which will affect the effect of your email marketing.

You are suggested to enable double opt-in to optimize this problem.

How to set it up

  1. Select the checkbox as follows.

  2. Click on the button Set up double opt-in email content. Set the confirm email subject, sender, and email content. You can click on the button Preview Email to preview email content.

Subscription process after enabling double opt-in

If you enable double opt-in in the form, the subscription process is as follows:

  1. The person fills in the email address and submits, he will be added to your audience list in uShopAid, the email status is Non-subscribed.

  2. The person will receive a confirmation email.

  3. The person clicks on the confirm subscription button in the email, and his email status in the audience list will be changed to Subscribed. Now, he is your email subscriber.

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