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Add and remove contacts in a List
Add and remove contacts in a List
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This article introducs the methods to add contacts to a list, remove conatcts from a list.

Add contacts via Signup Form

When you create a Signup Form activity, you can choose to add the newly collected email subscribers to a specified List, or not to join any List. If you choose to join the specified List, after the consumer fills in their email address in the Form, the consumer will be added to Profiles, and then added to List. If you do not choose to join List, the consumer will only be added to Profiles.

It should be noted that if you enable double opt-in when you create the Signup Form, the consumer will receive a confirmation email automatically sent by uShopAid after filling in the email. The consumer must click the confirm subscription button in the email, then will be added to Profiles or List.

For more reference documentation how to create a Signup Form to collect email subscribers.

Add Contacts from Segment

There may be such a scenario: you can easily filter out consumers that meet certain conditions through Segment, and then add these consumers to List.

You only need to select the contact in the segment's contact list and click "Add to List".

Add contacts from Profiles

In the Profile list, select a contact and click "Add to List".

Add contacts individually

In the contact list of the List, click "Add contact" at the top to quickly add a contact.

  1. If the email of the added contact does not exist in Profiles, uShopAid will add the contact to Profiles at the same time.

  2. If the added contact email already exists in Profiles, uShopAid will update the Profile according to the information you entered.

Remove contacts from List

We recommend that you clean up the list in a timely manner, such as removing those consumers who have not placed an order within six months, or who have never opened the emails you sent within three months. You can create a Segment, set relevant conditions to filter out these consumers, and then select "Remove from List".

Remove contacts individually

In the contact list of List, you can remove contacts. It should be noted that just removing the contact from the current List, will not delete it from the Profiles.

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