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This article introduces how list is used and when to use List.

How List is used

Creating a List is very simple. You only need to enter the name of the List and select whether the consumer needs to be automatically removed from the list when the consumer ubsubscribes.

List is static, you have to manually add or remove contacts to it. There is only one case in which contacts are automatically removed from the List: when you create the List, you check "Remove contacts from list when they unsubscribe". There is also only one case in which consumers are automatically added to the List: Create a Singup Form, and select consumers to join the specified list. For more refer to document how to create a Signup Form to collect new email subscribers.

You can create one or more Lists according to your need.

It should be noted that List is only a classification of Profiles, so after you add a contact to the List, you can find the record of this contact in Profiles, afteryou remove the contact from the list , the contact is still in profiles list.

Why do you need a List

If you have read the Profile related documents, you know that uShopAid stores all the consumers of your store in the Profiles list, including Email subscribers, Email non-subscribers, Email unsubcribers, and those who often place orders in your store, consumers who haven't placed an order in your store for a year, consumers who never open your email, etc. Profiles list is messy and contains consumers who have no marketing value, maybe you only need to focus on those who have marketing value. However, we do not recommend that you permanently delete consumers with no marketing value from Profiles, you'd better keep all consumer data. List can help you optimize this problem. You can create a List, filter those consumers that have marketing value, add them to the List, and keep cleaning the List, try to only send marketing emails to the consumers in this List, which can improve your email marketing efficiency.

To some extent, Segment can also help you achieve this purpose. However, it should be noted that segments change dynamically. Consumers that meet the filtering conditions of the segment will be automatically added to the segment, and consumers that do not meet the filter conditions will be automatically removed from the segment. The List is static, you must manually add or remove consumers from the List. More refer to document the difference between List and Segment.

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