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The difference between segments and lists
The difference between segments and lists
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Segment and List are two different functions for classifying contacts within the uShopAid app, what is the difference? When do you need to use Segment? When do you need to use List? This article will explain these.

Dynamic vs. Static

Segment is based on a series of filter conditions. When a consumer in your store meets the filter conditions, it will be automatically added to the segment. After the consumer being added to the segment, over time, if the consumer's behavior no longer meets the filter conditions, it will be automatically removed from the segment. Therefore, segments are dynamically changed according to the behavior of consumers, and you do not need to manually add or remove consumers.

List is a static list of consumers. It is recommended that you add consumers whose email subscription status is Subscribed to the List, and remove them from the List after the consumers unsubscribe. You can manually add or remove consumers from the List based on your other needs.

Maintain onlyt one List

You can create multiple segments to classify and manage the consumers in your store, but it is recommended that you create only one List to maintain consumers. You can remove consumers who have no marketing value from List at any time, add new consumers. For example, if "the consumer has not placed an order in the store in the past 1 year and never opened the marketing email", this type of consumer can be removed from the List.

The main purpose of maintaining one List is to focus your attention on consumers with marketing value who are more likely to open your marketing emails, and place an order. If you send marketing emails to all consumers in the store every time, a large percentage of consumers may not open the emails, which will affect the email open rate, click rate, and even be marked as spam or unsubscribed by consumers, these will cause your emails to be sent directly to the spam mailboxes by ESP.

Create Segment based on List

You now know why it is best to maintain only one List, so you should understand that it is best to create various Segments based on this List, to classify and manage consumerse.

In short, it is recommended that you maintain only one List, clean the consumers of the List by creating Segments, and retain only consumers with marketing value. At the same time, create Segments based on the List to classify, manage and market consumers.

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