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How to delete and export a profile
How to delete and export a profile
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Under the GDPR agreement, consumers have the right to ask merchants to provide information on how their personal data is stored in apps, or to request that personal data be deleted. This article explains how to delete contact data, and how to export contact data.

More reference documents GDPR agreement.

Delete Profiles

In the profiles list, select the contact you want to delete and click "delete", or on the profile details page, click the "delete profile" button at the bottom.

After the profile is deleted, the uShopAid app will delete the basic information of the contact, and at the same time delete the data of the contact's participation in the uShopAid app, such as flow, campaign.

After deleting a profile, you can add it again, but the previous data will not be restored.

Export Profiles

In the Profile list, click the contact you want to export, and then click "export" on the profile details page, and the contact's basic information, order information, shipping information, etc. will be exported.

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