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uShopAid lets you collect various data, including the default properties, such as Email, Name, Phone number, etc., and custom properties, those that are not added by default. With custom property, you may collect even more data about your contacts that are particularly valuable to your brand.

With custom properties, you can collect information as following:

  1. Favorite colors

  2. Shoe size

  3. How many emails do you want to receive at most a week?

  4. ......

Collect custom properties

Custom properties can be added to your customers' profiles through the following:

  1. Signup Form;

  2. Manually by adding a property to the customer profile page;

  3. Manually, on contacts' import;

Let's look into each of these options in greater detail.

Collect custom properties with Signup forms

You can use Input, Checkbox, Radio, or Survey element in Signup Form to collect custom properties. Here we explain in detail via Checkbox.

Open or create the form → drag&drop Checkbox element to your form.

Pick the custom property from the existing ones, or create a new one by typing the name → Create new value.

Set the options.

After the Signup Form is published, the customer selects the checkbox, and the information is collected. On the overview page of the Signup Form, you can see the collected information.

Click on the email and jump to the Profile page, you can also see the collected information.

Add custom properties to the customer profile

To add a custom property to a single customer profile, go to Profiless → click on the contact email address to open the profile page → click on the Edit button next to the Custom properties → choose to Add property.

You may choose to add a new custom property or to select an existing one.

  1. Single value. If the property only has one value, you can choose single value.

  2. List value. If the property has more than one value, you can choose list value.

One contact can have an unlimited number of custom properties. A single custom property may take different values for each of your contacts.

Use custom properties

You can use custom properties to segment customers.

You can use custom properties when creating automations.

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