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Free plan
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The plans of uShopAid are divided into free plan and paid plan.

After installing the uShopAid app, you automatically get the free plan of uShopAid app, and you can use all the features of uShopAid without paying any fees. The free plan is a 30-day cycle, and you can send 3000 emails to 250 contacts every 30 days. If you have more than 250 contacts with the email subscription status of Subscribed or Non-subscribed in your profile list, or you need to send more than 3000 emails every 30 days, you need to upgrade to the paid plan.

After the current billing cycle ends, uShopAid will automatically give you a new 30-day billing cycle, and the fee is 0. If your paid plan billing cycle ends and you fail to pay, it will be automatically downgraded to free plan.

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