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Understanding email deliverability
Understanding email deliverability
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Learn more about deliverability and the steps you can take to establish a strong sending reputation to ensure that your emails are delivered to the inbox.

What is email deliverability

Email deliverability is the process of sending emails that arrive in your recipient's inbox as intended(including tabbed inboxes, such as Google's Promotions tab). Get your deliverability right, and your messages will arrive in the inbox when and how you expect. Get it wrong, and your message could be routed to the spam folder or completely blocked by the inbox provider.

Common inbox providers include Gmail, Yahoo, Outlook, and Hotmail. These providers offer users a secure place to engage with email by scanning the content of the messages to filter spam, as well as prevent phishing and other unwanted email.

Several points are affecting your email deliverability:

  1. Your initial sending habits with uShopAid

  2. Who the email is sent to

  3. Email content

  4. Recipients engagement

  5. Your sending infrastructure

Most businesses only get serious about deliverability after they experience a major issue—once the damage is already done. With the right expert solutions, your deliverability issues can be fixed, but it's much better for you and your recipients to focus on prevention rather than a cure.

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