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Store information in uShopAid account
Store information in uShopAid account
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Your uShopAid account information mainly consists of two parts, one part is your personal information, and the other part is your store's contact information. After understanding the respective functions of these two pieces of information, it is very helpful for you to use uShopAid clearly. This article will explain the store contact information section.

Store contact information usage scenarios

Store contact information is displayed at the bottom of the email when you send an email to consumers, so you must set your store's contact information. When you log in to uShopAid for the first time, the first thing you need to do is fill in the store contact information.

Company/Organization name

The name of your store is required.


The physical address of your store, including country, city, street, zip code, etc., you must fill in.


The URL of your store is required.


The time zone where your store is located is required. When you create Campaign or Flow for email marketing, time zones are closely related to when your emails are sent.

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