New visitors & Returning visitors
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Sometimes, it's necessary to distinguish between new and returning visitors in your store:

  1. When a person visits your store, a pop-up asks about their preferences. This scenario usually appears for new visitors, recommending related products. Returning visitors might not need this as they are likely familiar with the store's products.

  2. When a person who previously browsed items in your store, a pop-up prompts them to continue with those items. This scenario typically targets returning visitors, as new visitors might not be inclined to make immediate purchases.

In the uShopAid app, here is how new and returning visitors are defined:

  1. After creating the first Form campaign in uShopAid app, all persons visiting your store for the first time are considered New visitors.

  2. Visitors who return to your store within 24 hours after their initial visit are still categorized as New visitors.

  3. After a 24-hour interval from their first visit to the store, returning to the store marks them as Returning visitors.

When creating a Form activity, you can specify whether the activity should be visible to Returning visitors or New visitors.

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